Imagine if each fragrance is a carefully crafted symphony of notes that tells a story—your story. We believe that the power of scent goes beyond the senses; it touches the soul, evoking emotions that words often fail to express.

Let QALB be the companion to your journey, a storyteller of your memories, and a keeper of the heart’s deepest secrets. In a bottle of QALB, you don’t just find a fragrance; you find a piece of yourself, a reminder of the magic in the simplest of moments.

Here's to the heart, here’s to Qalb


amber Woody

Oud Serenade

A Symphony of Roses, Agarwood, Incense, and Saffron, crafted to indulge your senses.


fruity floral

Fruity Waltz

A blend of citrus, jasmine and berries, meticulously crafted to evoke memories of sun-drenched days and serene evenings.


Citrus Fresh woody

Pineapple Affairs

Experience the tropical sweetness of pineapple, a zing of bergamot with a touch of jasmine. Perfect for any occasion, let this scent be an extension of you.


musk & amber

Amber Bliss

A symphony of the serene blend of jasmine's soothing notes and bergamot's bright uplifting scent, radiating timeless charm.