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About Us

Brand Story

Imagine if each fragrance is a carefully crafted symphony of notes that tells a story—your story. We believe that the power of scent goes beyond the senses; it touches the soul, evoking emotions that words often fail to express. Let QALB be the companion to your journey, a storyteller of your memories, and a keeper of the heart’s deepest secrets. In a bottle of QALB, you don’t just find a fragrance; you find a piece of yourself, a reminder of the magic in the simplest of moments.

Here's to the heart, here’s to Qalb.

Our value

Capturing the heart of human connection


Our vision is to become synonymous with the art of creating and reliving meaningful moments, fostering a culture that values the beauty found in the simple, profound experiences of life. Through Qalb, we aim to spark a revolution of mindful living, where each day is adorned with the magic of genuine connections and joyous memories.


Qalb is transforming the realm of affordable luxury with a fresh perspective, guided by emotions that weave a rich and expansive brand universe. Our commitment lies in utilizing top-tier materials and sophisticated design elements to redefine the essence of modern affordability without compromise.

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